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Order the Greenhouse Jubii 60, Premium 10.9 or Grand Oase 18.8

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 Juliana greenhouses from Juliana Greenhouses Denmark


Juliana has produced greenhouses for more than 50 years and great quality has always been a trademark. With production taking place in Denmark we are staying close to our customers  and making sure that our greenhouses are a perfect fit to the European gardens.


Juliana greenhouse

No matter how you choose to use your greenhouse, a Juliana greenhouse can help you create the optimal decor for you. You can choose to use your Juliana greenhouse to experiment with growing your plants, herbs and vegetables, while creating the perfect oasis in which to relax. In a greenhouse with space for contemplation, you can allow yourself to completely unwind, whether it's by reading a book or by transplanting, watering and growing your favourite varieties.

In recent years, Juliana greenhouses have become increasingly present in European gardens, either because people feel the need to relax more or have become more aware of the benefits of growing their own vegetables and plants. Only at Juliana Greenhouses have we felt that the demand for our top products is growing, making us the largest European producer of greenhouses for private customers.

Glass versus Polycarbonate for your greenhouses

When choosing the type of glass for your greenhouse, there are two basic options: clear glass or semi-transparent polycarbonate sheets. One benefit of polycarbonate is the heat-insulating effect created by the air channels in the sheets, which protect against frost at the beginning and end of the season.

Polycarbonate also diffuses light, which reduces the need for shading. Most Juliana models are available with 10 mm polycarbonate sheets.

Nowadays, glass is by far the most widely used solution for our windows, primarily for aesthetic reasons. Glass is available either as traditional horticultural glass or as toughened glass, which is much stronger than ordinary glass. Also, on impact, toughened glass shatters into small pieces, whereas ordinary glass shatters into large shards with a higher risk of cutting.

ALWAYS BUILD ON A SOLID FOUNDATION - an important and appropriate accessory

It is important to place the greenhouse on a strong, stable base, firmly anchored in the ground. 

We always recommend that you buy a genuine Juliana base, which includes a 12 cm high galvanised steel frame that is precisely pre-cut. That way you add another 12 cm to the total height of the greenhouse, but you are also sure that everything will fit perfectly.

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