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Products that create space in the greenhouse

Even a small greenhouse can be very enjoyable and beneficial if properly furnished, whereas an improperly furnished big greenhouse can be a source of disappointment. Juliana provides various types of tables, shelving, and plant supports which help optimizing the use of space in your greenhouse. In the following, you will find a detailed review of our various products.

A table is simply indispensable in a greenhouse. It is nice to have a sensible worktable when potting plants or preparing them for transplanting outdoors. At the same time, it is a good place to store tools, fertiliser, etc., which you use in the greenhouse. In the spring when you have to pre-sprout plants, it can be difficult to find enough space for all the pots. One option is to vertically exploit the space with shelves.

Then, when it is time to transplant the flowers, you can take down the shelves, which provides space for the planting of tomatoes, cucumbers or whatever else you want to plant during the summer.

Many greenhouse plants need growth support, the most common being tomatoes and cucumber plants, which are found in just about every greenhouse. Other plants, such as grapevines and melon plants, also need support and Juliana also provides various options for this purpose, as shown above.

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Juliana solar LED-Lamp
Juliana Potholder
Juliana box planter
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Juliana integral staging
Juliana Candle holder
Juliana Tablet holder
Juliana Bag holder
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