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JULIANA JUBII 60 limited edition

Order the Greenhouse Jubii 60, Premium 10.9 or Grand Oase 18.8

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In 2023, Juliana Greenhouses celebrated it’s 60 years anniversary. The family-owned and Denmark based company launched this unique jubilee model to celebrate. The title of the new greenhouse is ’Juliana Jubii 60’. It is a model made with some special characteristics.

The jubilee house is based on our bestseller house Juliana Premium. The extra high eaves create room for the double stable door to be placed at the long side. The gable of the house is reinforced with a black steel plate. The house is 15 m², and because of the extra height, you get a great sense of space. There is plenty of room for both people and plants. The profiles of the greenhouse are coated in black, just like the doors, windows, and capping, which make the entire greenhouse black.

It is possible to buy an extra pair of double stable doors if there is a need for an additional pair of doors in the gable.

The Juliana Jubii 60 is available on Juliana’s own sales channels and at selected sales partners.

JULIANA Jubii 60
Item no.: F09958
  • Width: 2.96 m.

  • Length: 5.11 m.

  • Cubic Metre: 38.1m³

  • Eaves: 1.95 m. *

  • * Including 12 cm. base

  • Ridge: 2.87 m. *

  • * Including 12 cm. base

  • Double hinged stable door: Yes

  • Gutter with tilt function: Yes

  • Roof prepared for decorations: Yes

  • Possibility of safety glass: Yes

  • Door handles with lock: Yes

  • Made in Denmark: Yes

  • Low doorstep: Yes

  • Number of windows: 6 pcs.

  • Number of downspouts: 4 pcs.

JULIANA JUBII 60, 15.1 sqm
 3 mm toughened glass

Item no.: F09958

Colour: black


A greenhouse must have is a strong and stable base that is firmly anchored in the ground. We recommend buying an original base that consists of 12 cm cut to size galvanized steel profiles, which are assembled with casting brackets, that are cast in the ground. Further, the base has a very low doorstep that fits all Juliana greenhouses (except the Juliana Junior). 

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JULIANA Jubii 60, 15.1 sqm base

Item no.: F06432

Steel black

Fundatia pentru sera JULIANA COMPACT 8,2

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