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With a Juliana Greenhouse you get Danish design for Scandinavian weather conditions, produced in Denmark, and Danish owned.


A greenhouse from Juliana is based on the principles of Danish design: simplicity, aesthetics, and functionality. The greenhouses are designed for Scandinavian weather conditions, and the powerful profile construction makes the greenhouses stable and functional, as well as being beautiful l to look at. A Juliana greenhouse is an aesthetic frame, with attention to detail. 

With the company’s functions gathered in Odense, there is a short distance from product development to production and sales, which means that response from retailers and end-users quickly can lead to an adjustment in production and construction.


12-year warranty

Juliana has almost 60 years of experience and has, throughout the years, been designing, manufacturing, and developing further on the factory in Odense. Juliana greenhouses are designed and manufactured to last for many years. The many years of experience mean that we confidently give a 12-year warranty on our greenhouses. Read the warranty statement here:

Our greenhouse models are typically manufactured for many years, and we can deliver spare parts for most of the greenhouse models. If you need a spare part for your greenhouse, you can order it directly on our webshop or through our customer support.



The Juliana greenhouses are made in Denmark, which means they are delivered directly from our factory in Odense, where they are manufactured and packed by our experienced employees and up-to-date production machinery.

We are proud that so many employees have been in the company for several years, and we often celebrate 10-, 20- and 30-years jubilees. This provides valuable stability and highly experienced and specialized staff.

During manufacturing, the steel bases for the greenhouses are rolled and cut to size, and the aluminum profiles are cut or CNC-processed to the specific models and sizes.

Manufacturing a greenhouse requires precision and, to some degree, manual handling, and packing. Where possible, we automate and invest in machinery and packing robots, and it is a necessary investment to ensure that production and employees stay in Denmark.

Since 1963

Juliana Greenhouse was established in Odense in 1963 by Mogens A. Stærmose. It became the starting point for Juliana to become one of the leading manufacturers of greenhouses for private consumers. The company is today run by the third generation, and the head office and production are in Odense and subsidiaries in England and Germany.

The company's activities include designing, product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of greenhouses and mailboxes, of the greenhouse brands Halls, Juliana, and Gabriel Ash and the mailbox brand Allux. The Products are sold through DIY centres, independent retailers, garden centres and showrooms. Juliana employs 165 employees in Denmark, England, and Germany.

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