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Residential Greenhouses

Juliana Greenhouses has been producing greenhouses for more than 50 years and the outstanding quality has always been recognised by customers all over the world. With production taking place in Denmark, we stay close to our customers and make sure that the greenhouses are a perfect fit for European gardens. The Juliana Greenhouses Denmark group also incorporates the legendary English manufacturer Halls Greenhouses. 

Through the platform we exclusively find these wonderful products in Bulgaria.

Juliana- the high end class


Juliana greenhouses have been produced for over 60 years at the factory in Odense, Denmark.
We can guarantee that you get a top quality greenhouse that lasts for many years and is adapted to the Danish (Scandinavian) climate.


Whether you need a small greenhouse, wall greenhouse or orangery, Juliana has what you are looking for!

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Halls -
the english traditional style 


Halls Greenhouses was founded in the Great
UK in 1934. Originally greenhouses were made of wood, but Halls later adopted the new material, aluminium, and the company became the first to mass produce greenhouses for private customers.

Halls Traditional is therefore the essence
famous English gardening tradition.

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Juliana greenhouses produce a lot of accessories for all the models in range.

From shading, shelving, to heating and irrigation, you will find all you need, perfect fitted to your greenhouse.

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