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Juliana’s beginner package “Start Mix” helps you to get off to a fast, smooth start in both assembling and using your greenhouse.
Start Mix includes a box spanner that perfectly fits the greenhouse bolts. If you use the spanner, you can be certain of not ruining the bolts, which could happen if you use an electric screwdriver.

The package also contains special bolts that are to be used to assemble the greenhouse. The other parts included in Start Mix ensure that you get off to a smooth start of the growing season, regardless of whether you are using the greenhouse for vegetables, flowers or another purpose altogether.

1 automatic window opener (Univent)
1 minimum–maximum thermometer
3 green plant spirals
1 spanner for assembling the greenhouse
1 bag of special bolts (20)
1 bag of plant eyelets (20)
1 litre of Drivhusrens Greenhouse Cleaner

Item no.: F05916

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