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Creating shade in your greenhouse is easy and flexible with the Juliana roller blind. The roller blind is attached directly to the glass with suction pads and can easily be moved to a new location, allowing you to create shade in the sides or the roof of the greenhouse. In this way, you can create shade for plants that have just been transplanted and need to adapt to the environment. The curtain lets you see both in and out of the greenhouse while the sun's rays are kept out. The curtains are simple to retract on cloudy days.
The set consists of 2 black roller blinds 67,5 cm wide x 205 cm long with each 5 suction pads for the assembling.

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Cresting was originally designed to keep birds from sitting on the greenhouse roof. Furthermore, cresting adds a classic look to your greenhouse. Whether you choose to add cresting to your greenhouse is up to you. In the Juliana assortment, you can find cresting for the Orangeri, Compact, Premium, and Gartner models.

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The Juliana greenhouse heater is intended for greenhouses up to 15 m2.
The Juliana greenhouse heater is the ideal way to keep your greenhouse frost-free. In that way, you will extend the growing season, both in early spring as well in autumn. The heater can be filled with 3,6 l lamp oil or paraffin and can burn up to 15 hours depending on the temperature outside. If the frost is hard, Juliana recommends insulating the greenhouse with bubble-pack sheets.

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The rainwater butt can be attached to the gutter of the greenhouse, thereby collecting rainwater for later use. You can easily fill your watering can with lime-free rainwater from the small tap. Many plants benefit from being irrigated with rainwater.
Material: black lacquered galvanized steel. It comes unassembled.
Dimension: H 127 x W 46 x D 46
Fits Juliana Grand Oase, Oase, Compact, Gartner, Orangeri, Premium, and Veranda n automatic irrigating and fertilising system that also waters the plants when you are not at home.

Vanlet consists of a main water butt in which water and fertiliser are mixed automatically. The water and fertiliser mixture is distributed to the plants through feed hoses, Y-shaped branch pipes, and drippers.

The adjustable stopper on each dripper makes it possible to individually adjust the volume of water dispersed to the plants.

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Automatic window opener
Avoid diseases and pests in your plants by airing out. Many plants do not tolerate high temperatures and high humidity. Ventomax is an automatic window opener in black galvanised-steel.
Best suited for glass. Can be set to open and close between 16°C and 25°C. The heat causes the oil in the cylinder to expand, so the window opener automatically opens the window. Read more about window openers and choosing the right window opener for your greenhouse.

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Provide shade in the greenhouse
The green shade net makes it easy and fast to provide shade in the greenhouse. The shade net is a flexible solution that provides shades for plants from the powerful sun. The shade net is fastened to an included wire.

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Irrigatia’s C12L solar automatic watering system’s weather-responsive technology is powered by 100% solar energy and allows the use of rainwater.

It detects changes in the weather and conditions and adjusts the length of time it waters during the 3-hour watering cycle accordingly. This provides your plants with optimal growing conditions throughout the changing weather conditions.

The SOL-C12L is perfect for small to medium gardens, greenhouses and allotments, providing watering for up to 12 20-litre pots. It is ideal for potted plants, hanging baskets, individual plants and short runs in raised beds. The irrigation kit ensures your plants receive precise irrigation at the roots, minimising water wastage.

Irrigatia’s SOL-C12L is easy to set up with no need for wires or mains connection and can be fed from a garden water butt or other water storage container.

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Min-Max Thermometer. An excellent tool for regulating greenhouse temperature. It is possible to read the current temperature as well as the coldest and hottest temperature in the greenhouse since the last reading. This enables you to always control the greenhouse climate.


Soil thermometer
Keep an eye on the soil temperature to ensure the best growth conditions. Cucumbers, peppers, and chilies require a soil temperature of at least 18 degrees when transplanted. Similarly, tomatoes need a soil temperature of at least 14 degrees when transplanted.

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